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Cultural Youth Camps: A Unity of Heart, Mind, & Spirit

September 15th 2023

Cultural Youth Camps: A Unity of Heart, Mind, & Spirit Miskanawah Cultural Camps uniquely serve to increase cultural awareness, knowledge, and participation so children, youth, and families begin or continue to form connections between their own cultures and authentic self-images and identities. Our camps provide much needed opportunities for youth   ▸

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Storwell's Foster Children Bursary Program

March 2nd 2023

Storwell Provides an Annual Bursary for Former Foster Children and Youth in Care Seeking Post-Secondary Education Foster children and youth in care continue to be one of the most underrepresented groups when in it comes to financial support for post-secondary education. There are very few bursaries and scholarships targeted towards   ▸

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Treaty 7 Elder Capacity Camp & Cultural Celebration 2022

November 25th 2022

Treaty 7 Elder Capacity Camp & Cultural Celebration 2022 Report compiled by Mahegun Tails Inc. and Janet Naclia. Photos by Mahegun Tails Inc.Over the course of four days, nearly 30 esteemed Elders representing various nations, including Treaty 7 and beyond, gathered in beautiful Kananaskis Country. Taking place August 22-25, 2022, this   ▸

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Ribbon Skirt

February 16th 2022

    Ribbon Skirt by Tessa Baily Miskanawah’s Oskayapewis (“worthy helper”) program is proud to offer traditional teachings, skill-building, and crafts to youth year-round. Despite challenges that have arisen from COVID-19, Oskayapewis staff have found creative ways to maintain safety, build connection, and pass down traditional teachings.One of our most recent workshops,   ▸

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